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Acupuncture for fertility, help prepare you and your body for conception and birth

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Why Acupuncture for fertility?

Acupuncture has assisted many couples in trying to conceive naturally. It can also help couples physically and emotionally as they progress through IUI, IVF or ICSI towards a successful pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture can be used safely alongside IVF. and can also be practised safely right through your pregnancy and after giving birth. The Acupuncturist treatment will help prepare you and your body for conception and birth. The Practice also provides treatments for postnatal conditions. The Acupuncturist will provide one-to-one channels for personal streams of communication, contact and support. Practitioners can be contacted out of hours for advice and support through the medium of text messages. We aim to do our utmost by getting to know you well. We understand that staying in contact and providing encouragement during stressful periods is essential. In short, we are there 100% for you all the way

Our approach to acupuncture for fertility

A considerable volume of research suggests Acupuncture may help in areas relating to fertility, conception and pregnancy. Sadly complementary treatments aren’t usually funded by the NHS. Our experience indicates that Acupuncture works best when it is part of a combined medical and complementary approach. We feel our personable approach, attention to detail, and combining medical science with Acupuncture contribute to our fertility success levels. 

What to expect

Your first consultation can take anything from 30 mins up to an hour, including:

You’re at liberty to expect a personal, sensitive and effective approach from us. We aim to provide you with the best experience possible. The first consultation is in-depth and will help us understand your needs clearly. The consultation and Acupuncture treatment will take around an hour and involve a one-to-one consultation and a further detailed analysis of any findings. Discussing your main concerns and assessing your overall medical / health history is crucial to success. The acupuncturist will discuss the results and formulate an individual treatment plan. Each Acupuncture treatment is unique and tailored to temperature charts and your body’s emotional and physical needs.

If you could provide any information about the medication/supplements you are taking will be beneficial, as well as any recent test results. After the consultation, there will always be time for further questions. From our experience, it’s best to wear loose clothing for your treatment. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking alcohol or strong coffee before your treatment is also advisable. We will do our best to make you feel at home, relaxed and happy. Please leave the worrying to us.

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We use particularly gentle Acupuncture techniques for fertility treatments. The practitioner will use very fine single-use pre-sterilised needles for specific acupuncture points on your body. The Acupuncture points used are not always close to where you would expect them to be placed. Fertility treatments are supportive and sensitive; most people find Acupuncture extremely relaxing and often fall asleep, leaving you feeling very calm and relaxed after a treatment.

Acupuncture primarily stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, naturally produced chemicals that produce a deeper level of calm and balance in the nervous system. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is a highly skilled profession that initially takes around three to four years to train. Acupuncture is an entirely natural approach to health and provides a practical approach that’s natural and effective. We also offer induction-style acupuncture treatments to help prepare you and your body for birth. The Hatfield Practice is also available for postnatal support and provides supportive therapies such as pregnancy massage, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and homoeopathy. 

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Will I get pregnant?

Conception is dependent on your age, partner, genetics, medical history and, of course, lifestyle. You will probably have the best chance of conception, problem-free pregnancy, and a healthy baby if you follow a few simple guidelines that we will provide. Firstly, it is best not to get too stressed or serious and, of course, have fun while trying for your baby. Perhaps set small healthy goals and reward yourselves when you reach them. Research suggests that Acupuncture helps your body wind down and relax by stimulating endorphins and improving blood supply to the reproductive system. Acupuncture provides a healthy and resourceful channel to focus on your health and well-being. From a personal perspective, we have had many success stories and healthy babies over the years. The best time to start the journey is now. If you would like to speak to Helen or one of the team, please call or send an email; we always make the time for you.

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Does age matter?

Yes, it is the most straightforward answer, although we will do our best to increase your odds of conception. For women in their late teens and early twenties, the chance of pregnancy in a given month is less than 25%; on average, they have to try for four months, despite the perfect timing of intercourse and the release of a healthy egg. In their early 30s, women will have to try on average for about ten months for each fertile period.

Once women reach their 40s, the chances per month of becoming pregnant are reduced, although everyone will have different biological ages and unique health issues/situations. The partners’ health influences the chances of becoming pregnant at any age. If the man has a low sperm count, poor morphology or low motility, it will decrease the chances of a natural pregnancy. On a positive note, everything can be scientifically examined and tested. Pregnancy depends on many factors, and your Acupuncture for fertility consultation will help us explore all of your needs.

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What Our Patients Say

"I had had four failed attempts of IVF. Then I read a newspaper article suggesting acupuncture could increase the chances of success with IVF by 50%. As we could only afford one more go I decided I had nothing to lose in trying acupuncture so I looked on the internet for a local acupuncturist who specialised in fertility and found Helen. She put me at ease straight away and after the first assessment and treatment she showed me how to take my basal body temperature. After a few months of treatment and charting, Helen could see why my previous attempts had failed as I had a problem in my follicular phase. With this corrected my husband and I went for our final IVF attempt and which worked!!I have the most beautiful baby and I put it all down to Helen and her needles!!"
- Sophie. G – W.G.C
"I was diagnosed with PCOS 15 years ago and have not had a proper cycle in all this time. I didn’t ovulate at all and had all but given up hope of becoming a mother.My Mum had been having Acupuncture with Helen for arthritis and she suggested having a go at trying to stimulate my ovaries into ovulating! After just 3 months of weekly treatments I ovulated for the first time in years- then one month later I ovulated for the second time and shock upon shock actually conceived!! I am now seeing Helen to induce my baby as I have gone past my due date. Acupuncture has given me my dream of becoming a mother."
- Kerry. P – Hatfield
"We had been trying to conceive for 4 years and after 3 months of Acupuncture I’m now 34 weeks pregnant.Acupuncture is great for de stressing you and actually searches for the reasons for infertility. Helen assured me there is always a cause and once that is corrected – watch this space. "
- Lilia. S – St Albans
"My partner and I first visited Helen for assistance with conception. Helen treated us both for 6 weeks and then I discovered I was pregnant. Helen continued to treat me throughout my pregnancy for sickness and water retention. After the sessions I had such relief from the symptoms, felt relaxed and sleep so well!Helen also attended the birth of our son and provided pain relief with acupuncture. Throughout the labour she was very calm and reassuring and the treatment helped considerably with the pain from contractions. I would not hesitate to recommend Helen for fertility treatment and support during pregnancy and labour. "
- Susan S – Hertford
"My baby was in the wrong position from 34 weeks so I went to see Helen and had Moxa Sticks for 10 days, which my husband did at home for me after just 1 lesson from Helen. On the 5th day the baby turned! I was so happy and it took a big weight off my shoulders!! "
- Jane. L – Hatfield

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