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Keeping you up and running

Physiotherapy Tune-up and MOT

Our Physiotherapy body checks and MOT treatments are designed to re invigorate, relax and restore your body and mind. Bodies could be likened to a car that needs regular servicing and maintenance. The Physio MOT treatment aims to release stresses and strains that have often accumulated over the years. If you feel sore all the time, an MOT could be right down your street. Many of us will have suffered trauma at some point in our lives, such as from car accidents sporting injuries. Physiotherapy treatment will help you loosen up and feel new again, providing hands-on revitalising treatment when you need it most. The MOT treatment is a valuable way of determining and correcting problems. The Physiotherapy MOT may help improve vitality energy levels and reduce the probability of ongoing pain. Physiotherapy is a way of easing and restoring any spine or body areas that have become tiring and painful. 


Improving Your Energy Levels

The Physiotherapist will examine you and help provide a better understanding of why you are sore. They will provide you with treatment and specific exercises to help you feel better and strengthen weaker areas. Unfortunately, many of us lead relatively sedentary lives due to family and work pressures leaving muscles and joints achy and painful. It’s a fact that unless we stretch or exercise, we may only use  60% of the available range of motion in our joints! We need movement to feel better, feed cartilage and stimulate strength and bone growth. Overwork and a sedentary lifestyle may lead to pain, low energy and constant tiredness. It’s no fun being in pain or simply not moving the way you used to. Physiotherapy can help enormously by providing exercises and treatments that encourage energy levels. 

Physiotherapy Helping you feel better.

During the consultation, the Physiotherapist looks for developing problems and restrictions in the bodies framework that may cause pain and stiffness at some point. Minor changes in the way we work and move can make a massive difference over time. Physiotherapy treatment will help you feel better and can help to correct many problems through individual advice and treatment. Generally, Orthopaedic medical options may involve surgery or steroid injections to help ease the pain. The Physiotherapist may also Recommend further PhysiotherapyOsteopathyAcupuncture, Pilates and dedicated exercise programs.


Book a Physiotherapy health check

Hatfield Practice MOT health check can benefit anyone who has ever suffered from a back problem. Had an accident (even years ago) or works hard or regularly on a computer. Physiotherapy has the best evidence for successful treatment approaches. Research shows that Physio improves joint movement and spinal flexibility. The Physiotherapist will use a range of treatments, including massage, manipulation and stretches, improving the elasticity and range of movement of your spine and joints, which means that you will get better, quicker and stronger than ever. Contact us for a consultation.

Our MOT Physiotherapists

What our clients say

I was recommended the Hatfield Practice a number of years ago following a prolapsed disc injury in my back. The team were fantastic in helping me through the treatment and recovery. Subsequent follow up treatments have been hugely helpful and now I make sure I go for a regular “MOT” every few months. Very friendly and professional staff and great venue.

Paul F.
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