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Acupuncture for fertility

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Acupuncture for fertility consultation Hatfield Practice

Why Acupuncture for fertility?

Hatfield Practice provides Acupuncture for assisted (IVF) and improves the chances of natural conception. Acupuncture can help couples physically and emotionally progress towards a successful pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture can be used alongside IVF. and can be practised safely through pregnancy and after birth. Hatfield Practice provides treatments to prepare you and your body for pregnancy and childbirth. The Practice also provides treatments for postnatal support. Acupuncture may help to help optimise both male and female reproductive systems, establishing hormonal balance and calming the nervous system. Acupuncture can improve female fertility and the effects of stress hormones by reducing the negative impact of stress on the nervous system, thereby helping the normal balance of fertility hormones. Stress can disrupt the hypothalamic-pituitary axis for male and female partners, causing hormonal imbalances that negatively impact fertility. Acupuncture also helps increase blood flow to the ovaries, enhancing the environment for the development of follicles and improving the condition and thickness of the endometrial lining of the uterus. Male fertility problems often fall into three categories: low sperm count, reduced motility and poor morphology. Blockage of sperm pathways and damage to the sperm from high heat or generalised infection may play a part. Because sperm takes three months to mature, treatment should start before the ideal conception time.

Our approach - Acupuncture for fertility

Our practitioners provide personal, supportive streams of communication and support throughout your treatment. Practitioners can be contacted out of hours for advice and support through the medium of text messages. We do our utmost to add a personal touch by getting to know you. We understand that staying in contact and providing encouragement during stressful periods is essential. We are there 100% for you all the way. We believe that acupuncture works best when part of a combined medical and complementary approach. It is worth mentioning that there are many reasons for all the babies and success stories we have had at the Hatfield Practice. In brief, our dynamic, personable approach, attention to detail, and combining medical science with acupuncture contribute to our success levels.

What to expect

Your first consultation can take anything from 30 mins up to an hour, including:

At the Hatfield Practice, you’re at liberty to expect the best possible experience. The first fertility treatment at the Hatfield Practice will take around an hour and involve a complete and detailed consultation. The consultation is essential as it will help us understand your needs clearly. Discussing your main concerns and assessing your overall medical / health history is crucial. The acupuncturist will formulate a treatment plan from your information and share everything with you. Each treatment is unique and tailored to your body’s needs.

During your first consultation, it is essential to bring along all the information about the medication/supplements you are taking that will be beneficial and any recent test results. After the consultation and acupuncture treatment, there will always be time for further questions. From our experience, it’s best to wear loose clothing for your treatment. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking alcohol or strong coffee before treatment is also advisable. We will do our best to make you feel at home, relax, and leave the worry to us.

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Hatfield Practice uses particularly gentle acupuncture techniques for fertility treatments. The practitioner will use very fine single-use pre-sterilised needles for specific acupuncture points around your body. The Acupuncture points used are not always close to where you would expect. Treatments are sensitively considered; most people find Acupuncture relaxing and often fall asleep and feel very calm after a treatment. Acupuncture primarily stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin, naturally produced chemicals that produce a nervous system rebalance and relaxation. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is a highly skilled profession and takes around three to four years to train and many years to perfect. Acupuncture is an entirely natural approach to health and provides effective treatment, especially fertility.

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Who we treat

Our style is personal, sensitive and professional. Hatfield Practice treatments for fertility are gentle and effective. Research suggests that Acupuncture helps your body wind down and relax by stimulating endorphins and improving blood supply to the reproductive system. We will provide you with Basal body temperature charts and thermometers to determine when you will most likely conceive.

Conception is dependent on age, genetics, medical history and, of course, lifestyle. You have the best chance of conception and potentially problem-free pregnancy, and a healthy baby if you follow a few simple guidelines that we will provide. Our advice is to try not to get too stressed or serious. Our practitioners are with you all the way, and you can have fun while trying to get healthier for your baby. Perhaps set small goals and reward yourselves when you reach them.

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Does age matter?

Does age matter? Yes, of course, that is the simple answer, although we will do our very best to increase your odds of conception. Hatfield Practice fertility treatments have been enormously successful over the years. The chances at all ages are influenced if the man has a low sperm count, poor morphology or low motility. All can be scientifically examined and tested. Pregnancy depends on many factors, and the Hatfield Practice fertility consultation will help us explore all of your needs. Contact us if you wish to speak to Helen personally.

We also provide induction-style acupuncture treatments to help prepare you and your body for birth. The Hatfield Practice is set up for postnatal support and treatments such as pregnancy massage and Pregnancy Physiotherapy. 

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What Our Patients Say

A great safe place to have a pregnancy treatment, very friendly team, a good understanding of the issues and appropriate treatment to resolve.

Sharon S.
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