Suitable for adults of all ages and activity levels.

Treatments provided at Hatfield Practice are safe, effective and rejuvenating. Suitable for adults of all ages and activity levels. We aim to offer ways to improve the ability to live an active, independent, and healthy lifestyle that brings confidence and energy. As we all live longer, our bodies need to be kept as energetic, mobile, and pain-free as possible. Physical independence provides the freedom to move freely and to work and train harder.

Our treatments improve the way the body works and support stress and emotional issues that may gradually grind us down. Enhancing the body’s function may help us to feel better, gain emotional confidence and reduce pain. Treatments may also reduce the risk of injury and emotional stress by easing tensions and talking through any problems you may have. The therapies we offer contribute to well-being and improve performance and flexibility for work, sport, and day-to-day activities by strengthening balance, easing tensions, improving blood flow and strength. For many people, improved physical conditioning may improve overall confidence.

Hatfield Practice provides preventative treatment and exercise-based approaches that are carefully thought through. Treatments combined with Physiotherapy, deep tissue or sports massage, electrotherapy, Acupuncture and Osteopathic manipulation work well to reduce pain, relax muscles and strengthen the body.

Whether you are recovering from back, shoulder or neck pain or suffering after that weekend rugby or football game. Our treatments can help improve the way your body functions, moves and feels.

Physical independence provides the freedom to move freely and to work and train harder. Physiotherapy and Osteopathy can make an enormous difference in an individual’s ability to perform injury-free at a higher level. Acupuncture is brilliant for nerve pain and conditions that won’t respond to the usual channels. We provide hands-on treatment, and our practitioners will back your therapy up with health education and exercise-based rehabilitation. We want to support and help you through life’s ups and downs, encouraging you to live a pain-free, flexible and active lifestyle.

What our clients say

Have been to numerous physiotherapists and osteopaths over recent years and feel I have finally found the Hatfield Practice where they combine the best of both disciplines, along with other complementary ones – how refreshing! Am being treated by Damien who clocked my problem(s) in a few short minutes and so far I’m doing really well. And their charges are extremely reasonable. Very Impressed.

Diana R

Relaxing, professional and just brilliant.

Graham. Hatfield
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