Who We Treat

Many people have a family doctor who may care for children throughout their growth and development, and many people have a family Physiotherapist or Osteopath. Osteopathy is recognized as one of the most effective and scientifically valid treatments available today. Physiotherapy has long been highly regarded as one of the best routes to effortless rehabilitation.

At Hatfield Practice, each person is assessed regarding their age, body, and circumstances. Osteopaths do not treat disease; they treat the individual and their presenting condition. Each pain and illness has many components, some emotional and some are physical. Understanding which underlying body function or dysfunction. To pay attention is the key to getting better.


What our clients say

Have been to numerous physiotherapists and osteopaths over recent years and feel I have finally found the Hatfield Practice where they combine the best of both disciplines, along with other complementary ones – how refreshing! Am being treated by Damien who clocked my problem(s) in a few short minutes and so far I’m doing really well. And their charges are extremely reasonable. Very Impressed.

Diana R
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