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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is very similar to Chartered Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. Sports Therapists have undertaken a long and intensive course quite similar in many ways to a  Physiotherapy Degree. Sports therapists tend to be very hands-on and specialise in massage, Sports Injuries and exercise advice. Similar to Physiotherapists, they can directly formulate a treatment diagnosis, plan treatment and formulate effective rehabilitation programmes. Sports therapists specialise in sports injuries, massage therapy, spinal articulation, ultrasound, electro-therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

The first first consultation with a  Sports Therapist will take around an hour. The Therapist will examine and undertake a detailed and thorough assessment of the injured/problematic area. A thorough examination and assessment  helps the therapist to establish the cause of the problem. From here, the therapist can create a treatment plan with treatment and reflect on your personal goals in order to help you get back on track. Sports Therapists use various techniques to resolve pain and discomfort. Treatments include  Massage therapy, joint mobilisation, electrotherapy, taping and strapping, stretching techniques and rehabilitation exercises to aid a patient to a full recovery.

Sports therapists work closely with their patients.

Sports Therapists work closely with their patients to enable them to get back to being fully functional. They are trained to treat and prevent injuries recurrence in the future. They also work with individuals to help them achieve optimal performance in the desired sport.
The key to good rehabilitation and injury treatment is understanding the body and how it works as a whole. Once Training enables Sports therapists to use the principles of sports and exercise science.  Sports therapists are trained to degree level. Enabling the sports therapist to understand presenting injuries, disease and any possible presenting illness. Physiotherapy and Sports therapy treatments enable patients to return to sport and training as quickly as possible. 
Sports Therapy

Sports Therapist has the ability to:

  • Use sports and exercise training to optimise performance, aid preparation and advise about injury prevention programmes.
  • Sports therapists can provide immediate care of injuries, first aid and advise athletes in a  competitive environment.
  • Assess, treat and, where appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.
  • Provide a high level of deep tissue, sports and remedial massage in a clinic and sporting events. 
  • Sports therapists will plan and implement appropriate bespoke rehabilitation programmes for you.

Sports Therapists Treat

Sports therapists can treat a wide range of injuries, but below is a list of just some.

  • Ligament Injuries- such as ankle sprains
  • Tendon Injuries -such as Achilles tendinitis and tennis elbow
  • Muscular Injuries– Such as Hamstring and quadriceps strains
  • Neck and Back pain including whiplash
  • Postural problems
  • Pre/post-surgery and rehabilitation

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Amazing place and highly recommend the sports massage with Sam Rushbrooke. I was nervous at my first appointment due to having a bad back, but Sam put me at ease with his professional approach and great understanding. I’m feeling better than I have in months! The clinic is lovely and the reception staff are always helpful and approachable.


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