We feel it is essential to provide a safe, friendly and professional experience from the moment we open the door to the moment you leave; and after. Hatfield Practice has provided complementary treatments to the local community for over 30 years. Our hand-picked teams will get to the root cause of your condition – beyond the symptoms because we don’t want you to spend your life on a treatment table. Our practitioners are “in-house” trained and encouraged to work the way we always have. Of course, in our mind, it’s essential to keep standards high and be excellent value for money. Happiness is all of us healthy!

  • Our current offer is £12.00 off the first consultation and professional treatment. Choose from either Osteopathy, Acupuncture, or Physiotherapy. We aim to provide excellent treatments and one to one patient care.
  • We believe that our patient loyalty is the reason for our success. Refer a friend to the Practice and receive £5.00 off your next appointment. Our £5.00 off is in response to many people telling us how many friends they have recommended to the Hatfield Practice! It’s simply our way of saying thank you, another form of helping us to help you.

Hatfield Practice also offers a variety of treatments combined with massages performed by Osteopaths and Physiotherapists. We are one of the few Practices in the UK with osteopaths and Physiotherapists practising deep soft tissue massage combined with professional treatment.

Experiences that people enjoy

We have met many unique patients over the years and have learnt vast amounts about people; it was never going to be easy! The dream has always been to create a healthcare practice that people love. It is a friendly, professional, fun place to go when they need a hand up. We feel that quiet, empty places are for libraries, four-year-old magazines are for recycling and railway waiting rooms. We wanted laughter, happiness, smiles, coffee, and cake mornings with real people telling you how it is and how it used to be. Hatfield Practice is somewhere where you can relax, take your time and have excellent treatments and maybe somewhere that you would recommend to mum or your best friend. That, in short, is what we aim to do. It’s also essential to provide a friendly and professional experience from when you come in the front door to when you leave.

Osteopath Ian Norman at the Hatfield Practice

What our clients say

Very friendly and honest, have fixed my lower back pain after a previous physiotherapist just insisted on lots of expensive treatments that didn’t help. Highly recommended. Thank you. Stefan


Amazing place and highly recommend the sports massage with Sam Rushbrooke. I was nervous at my first appointment due to having a bad back, but Sam put me at ease with his professional approach and great understanding. I’m feeling better than I have in months! The clinic is lovely and the reception staff are always helpful and approachable.


Amazing Place

Thank you Hatfield Practice, especially Osteopath Chris, for making my body do things that I thought not possible…. I’m trying to stretch every night to keep those skiing positions…but its hard at my age but I’m kicking those 25 age somethings  a***s, like a 43-year-old should!

Sally- Ski instructor
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