Keeping you safe at the Hatfield Practice

Our Covid-19 procedure

You have our promise that we’ve done everything humanly possible to keep you safe when you attend the Hatfield Practice. We fully understand that people are still very concerned. Conversely, we know you’re not stupid, and in support of that, we have infection control procedures in place to keep you safe during your appointment. We ask Hatfield Practice patients to wear their masks for the duration of the consultation; we have masks should you forget to bring yours.   Osteopathy  Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Sports / Deep tissue  Massage are available.

Our infection control procedures

Hatfield Practice has infection control procedures in place to minimise transmission. These are all by Public Health England’s COVID-19: infection prevention and control guidance and Institute for Osteopathy’s Infection Control and Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) in osteopathic practice guidance.

Hatfield Practice procedures are:

  • We are happy to take any booking and Payments over the phone where possible to reduce the time spent in the practice outside of your treatment.
  • When you arrive in the car park, please ring the doorbell. Remember your Practitioner is required to wear a face mask and apron, don’t be alarmed. We are friendly and well trained! 
  • We have longer staggered patient appointments for social distance and provided time to clean all surfaces before and after treatments.
  • We are requesting patients wear their masks for the duration of the appointment. But don’t worry, we have masks should you forget to bring yours.
  • Should you be unable to pay by phone or online, we can accept contactless payments.
  • You may keep clothes on during your appointment, and it may be easier to treat you if you are wearing flexible soft materials.
  • We are doing everything we can to keep you safe when you are in our clinic and our care.

Hatfield Practice Treatment Rooms

We have introduced plastic wipeable treatment table covers, face hole cushions and PPE medical grade waterproof pillow protection. Further, we have pump massage oil dispensers, abundant antiviral sprays, sanitising wipes and hand sanitiser in all rooms, including hallways and communal areas. We have also installed a reception sneeze screen and wipe all surfaces protection protocol after every patient. All staff have trained for your safety. If you have any concerns, contact the Hatfield Practice reception on 01707 888229.


Patient screening 

When we call you or contact us, we will undertake a short patient screening questionnaire, e.g. outlined below. Screening and sanitising procedures make sense to us all. If you have any symptoms such as: FeverA new continuous cough?Loss of smell or taste? – Feeling hot and unwell? – Recently been abroad? – Been in contact with anyone with COVID-19?

Have you had any of these symptoms? Or has anyone in your household has any of these symptoms? Please let us know and delay your appointment for at least ten days. Please call us for advice or support regarding your consultation and treatment.

Hatfield Practice Infection control and PPE in Osteopathic Practice certificate May 7th 2020tice

Balancing risk against benefit in the Covid-19 risk groups

Infection control will minimise transmission but may not eliminate it. Some patients are more at risk of Covid-19 than others. The NHS has provided details, and you can find out more about which risk group you are in here. Our online video treatments will stay in place for patients at risk.

 Click here to read the Government risk guidelines.

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