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Plan ahead

There are so many reasons for forward planning. Use a training log to keep track of your progress and to keep you on course for the goal ahead. Planning ahead will serve as a great motivator, help identify milestones and allow you to compare and contrast your performance as you train. Use the data to keep tabs on how you are faring. As well as motivating you it will assist in leaving no stone unturned in your target setting and training. Ticking off your runs as completed or cross training sessions will inspire you and give you confidence. Work out when you will need to replace your running shoes and when a new pair will be at their best possible condition come what the day of the marathon itself. Do you really want to risk running in running shoes that are close to the end of their effectiveness? Do you want to be using brand new running shoes for the marathon? Record when you bought your shoes and how many miles you have run in them. Have a couple of pairs in use perhaps? This seems to be a favoured option for many experienced runners. What kit will you be wearing? Test it out to make sure that it is what you feel good in. It is likely that the training will start way ahead of the event itself so what will the weather conditions be like for the marathon? Can you replicate these at all? Is there a possibility that conditions could vary?  Study the marathon course. Are there any aspects of the course you will need to be familiar with and train specifically for? Ultimately good planning will push you towards your marathon goal.
Have & Go for your Goal!

Let’s make no bones about this; the marathon is the big one and is a great feat; not for the faint hearted. It does not matter if you have run marathons before, if you are an experienced runner generally or you are just setting out; whatever your level or pace the marathon will take some considered planning and preparation. However in order to set the right plans and prepare correctly you do need to know what you want to achieve. Set yourself a goal and challenge yourself whilst remaining realistic. Think about what you want to achieve in the marathon. If you just want to get around the course then there is still a target for doing so; whether this is just to keep running or finish by a certain time. Having something to aim for like this allows you to set your training plan up to work towards. Milestones can also be cast in place to allow you to check your performance to date. If it is a specific time span you are looking to achieve or indeed better then once again this will (with some thought of course) set the scene for the pattern of your training. Think through previous experience and put a draft plan into place with the goal in mind. What would you do differently this time? How might you change things from before? What really worked out for you; what did not and what was difficult to achieve? Where do you need to be before tapering down?. Discuss this with running club members/coaches and work out your schedule accordingly. Then go for it!

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TOP TIPS for Marathon Survival


The marathon itself is only a small part of the overall marathon story and effort. Success in the marathon is down to hours of specific marathon training of both the physical and mental aspects that the marathon bears. All of your work is during the months of this specific marathon training. The marathon run itself is the reward at the end of your marathon training program. The trick to completing the marathon or performing to your desired standard is to survive this specific marathon training program. To survive this marathon training means to be fully prepared, injury free, fresh, confident and to perform on the day and achieve what you set out to do.

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