Why pay for physiotherapy when it is available on the NHS for free?

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Studies show that fast access to treatment speeds up healing times. Professional sports teams, surgical wards and athletes already know this. Long term pain may stiffen the body and cause stress in other areas. Stiffness often drives inflammation because everything is so tight and such an effort. 

 It’s important to know that movement not only helps the muscles stay strong but keeps all our internal organs healthy. If your spine and rib cage are stiff, it’s harder to breathe and simple activities can be hard work. Blood pressure and heart rate may go up to compensate. 

We will look to improve both your current fitness and function. Work with you with the aim of improving your overall well being. Small steps are all it takes to improve your general fitness and become pain-free.  As well as working with sports and occupational injuries, our Physiotherapists have experience of working with the elderly, disabled and long term unwell.


Should I pay for physiotherapy in Hatfield when it is available on the NHS?

Hatfield Practice provides hand-picked, safe, experienced practitioners.  We provide fast access to treatment, so you won’t have to wait months for Physiotherapy. Treatments reduce pain fast and aim to get you better in the long term. Physiotherapy can help you recover after injury or surgery and help the body rehabilitate after a road traffic accident, injury or back pain. Physiotherapy treatment will help to reduce pain fast and often will help restore your range of movement after surgery, injury, or illness. Hatfield Practice employs experienced, highly trained (friendly) Physiotherapists who are experienced and have passed the grade. The physiotherapist will look to improve both your current injury and any longstanding problems you may have. The Physiotherapist will assess and diagnose your problem fast and effectively and provide a bespoke treatment plan formulated with only you in mind. These designed treatment programs aim to quickly restore function, reduce pain fast, and minimise soreness after injury. Hatfield Practice Physiotherapy will advise, educate, and work with you so that the same problem does not repeat over and over. The hands-on approach has proven very successful over the years. Physiotherapy, we believe, is one of the best-proven approaches for treating arthritic joints and pain in muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments. Our Physios use   “hands-on” techniques. Our Physiotherapists are also trained in electrotherapy such as H-wave, ultrasound, laser, interferential and TENS.

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