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Fertility Health Awareness Many of the risk factors for both male and female infertility are similar. They consist of : Age After about age 32, a woman’s fertility potential gradually declines. Infertility in older women may be due to a higher rate of chromosomal abnormalities that occur in the eggs as they age. Older women […]

The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice is here for you.

Ian and Helen Norman | the hatfield Practice

The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice is here for you. The Hatfield Practice is a husband and wife led team of practitioners and  have a passion for what we do. Ian and Helen Norman have more than 40 combined years of experience with Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Physio, Massage and Holistic care. Our patients are very important to us . […]

Acupuncture at the Hatfield Practice…Why Visit Us?

Acupuncture Hatfield Practice

Why Visit Us for Traditional Acupuncture in Hatfield ? We have short Acupuncture Waiting Lists and do our ver best to fit you in – NHS waiting times for Acupuncture can be painfully long and performed by Physio’s not Acupuncturists who have done four year full time Traditional Chinese training. Acupuncture Appointments that suit you […]

Older fathers in Hatfield: Study shows their offspring live longer !?

Helen Norman Fertility Acupuncture at the Hatfield Practice.

Older fathers are no longer unusual. For the past 10 years, statistics show that nearly two-thirds of babies have been born to fathers aged 30 and over. Delaying fatherhood may offer survival advantages, say US scientists who have found children with older fathers and grandfathers appear to be “genetically programmed” to live longer. The genetic […]

Acupuncture ‘boosts IVF chances’

The Science behind Physiotherapy

Acupuncture ‘boosts IVF chances’ Researchers studied more than 1,300 women   Acupuncture may increase the success rates of fertility treatment, according to a study. The Dutch and US research, published in the British Medical Journal, found for every 10 IVF cycles with acupuncture, there would be one extra pregnancy. IVF involves fertilising the egg with […]


Fertility at the Welwyn and Hafield Practice

Acupuncture May Help?  You to Get Pregnant ? Acupuncture at The Welwyn &  Hatfield Practice helps  to support your health and fertility. It makes sense that if your bodily systems are working well together, a couple’s chances of conception greatly increase. Acupuncture can help you through all stages from conception, pregnancy to pre-birth, delivery and post […]