What can Osteopaths treat?

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A common question that is often asked is, “What can Osteopaths treat?” The answer is: pretty much almost everything from back and joint pain, sciatica and nerve problems to sporting injuries. Osteopathy is safe for people of all ages and abilities. Patients include the young, older people, manual workers, office professionals, pregnant women, babies, children and sportspeople.  It is a safe hands-on therapy that specialises in diagnosing, treating and providing rehabilitation after pain or injury. Osteopathy aims to encourage a preventative approach to injury through the medium of advice and education and practices a whole body or holistic approach that considers the body’s structure and the way it’s working, function. Osteopaths are not only trained to treat the symptoms but also to identify any underlying causes. The Osteopath aims to restore the body’s balance by carefully applying treatment to restricted areas and enhancing self-healing mechanisms. There are many Osteopathic treatment techniques used to suit each person depending on their presenting condition. Osteopathy promotes optimal health and well-being, reducing pain, helping people to feel well again. Unsure if we can help you? Call our super-friendly reception for advice on 01707 888229

Hatfield practice Physiotherapy | Osteopathy and Postural Analysis

Low Back pain and  Neck TroubleMost back and neck pain results from mechanical disturbances of the spine, e.g. from postural strains, joint dysfunction, disc injury, muscle strains and trapped nerves.

Problems Related To WorkPoor working posture can contribute to and exacerbate daily aches and pains, whether you lift heavy loads, sit at a computer all day or drive for long periods. Treatment and advice on posture, movement and back care can help prevent ongoing problems. Preventative and rehabilitation exercises can also be given.

Sports-Related ComplaintsOsteopathy is, in many respects, the ideal treatment for sports injuries, as it not only addresses the current injury but also treats how the whole body functions and so prevents the same injury from becoming recurrent.

PregnancyOsteopathic treatment throughout pregnancy is a wonderfully gentle way of helping the body adapt to the changes. The safety of the mother and baby is the Osteopath’s first concern. Osteopathy can help ease the side-effects of pregnancy, such as pain in the buttock, groin or leg (‘sciatica’). Some patients also report reduced morning sickness after treatment. After delivery, it is advised that mother and baby return for structural examination, advice and, if necessary, treatment. Osteopathy can help postural problems from pregnancy.

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BabiesOsteopathy is suitable for babies, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. The Cranial osteopaths at The Hatfield Practice are experienced in cranial osteopathy, which offers safe, gentle care for all ages.

Children and TeenagersBy analysing, treating and managing problems associated with growth and posture, e.g. Osteochondritis and exaggerated spinal curves, Osteopaths can make a major contribution to ensuring that young people become and stay fit and healthy. Teenagers take part in many sporting and recreational activities, which carry the risk of sprains and strains. Osteopathic treatment can prevent problems from developing and allow the body’s framework to heal naturally and adjust to the stresses and strains.


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