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Acupuncturist Helen Taylor-Weekes The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice- Shingles


After Acupuncture for shingles Ivan didn’t feel terrible !

Post herpatic  shingles can cause nerve damage and pain. Shingles is common in the elderly, this due to weakened flow of energy caused by spinal problems,wear and run down immune symptoms. Often we are told that there is no “real” cure for shingles pain an awful thought as the pain from shingles can last for many years.

You will be relieved to know that Acupuncture is a brilliantly effective way of managing the pain of Shingles. Even shingles across the face or pain that has been active for years will respond brilliantly after a few Acupuncture treatments at our Welwyn and Hatfield Acupuncture Practice

One of our  86 year old male Acupuncture patients Ivan from Hatfield had spent a few years nursing his wife with cancer. He became so run down and stressed that the dormant shingles virus re-emerged. Stressful times in our lives are typically when  shingles will manifest. The shingles virus can remain dormant in nerves for years after the onset of chickenpox.

The first symptom of a herpes zoster  ( Shingles) attack is usually pain !  This is why as an Osteopath at the Welwyn and Hatfield practice I usually see patients presenting with shingles before the GP, patients think they have hurt their back or ribs and come for treatment.

“Severe pain or tingling over the area affected due to shingles is a common starting point”  said Helen Acupuncturist Hatfield.

A few days later, a red rash appears. The red bumps soon turn to virus-filled blisters. These gradually dry, crust, and turn yellow. Skin eruptions usually occur on only one side of the body and follow set pathways called dermatomes, either along the ribs, on one half of the face ( as with Ivan at the Hatfield Acupuncture Practice), or as a strip on one half of the neck and arm; or on the lower body.

Acupuncturist Helen Taylor-Weekes The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice- Shingles
Acupuncturist Helen Taylor-Weekes


” Typically shingles strikes the elderly and those with suppressed immune systems “. Helen Acupuncturist Hatfield.

Ian Norman Osteopath at the Hatfield Acupuncture Practice said,

” If people knew more about the effectiveness of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture as a treatment for shingles people wouldn’t suffer needlessly”


“Ivan came to see me for back pain and he was in a awful state”. His GP has prescribed various pain killers but nothing worked. ” I mentioned to Ivan about Acupuncture for his shingles across his face and he typically  laughed”.  So I laughted too and offered him a money back guarantee !!  Ivan agreed purely  out of desperation and because nothing else had worked “.

People sufferer from nerve pain for years following a bout of shingles. “Its upsetting”. Traditional Acupuncture at the Hatfield Practice has no side affects. It is a powerful yet gentle, effective treatment for shingles and many nerve problems.

Ivan sceptically went to visit our Hatfield  Acupuncturist Helen Taylor-Weekes for his first treatment. They seemed to get on well. A couple of weeks later I was astonished Ivans weeping eye and pain across his face had improved by about 70/80%. He had a great big beaming smile and just made my day. The funny thing  is Ivan doesnt visit me for Osteopathy treatment any more – Ivan books in with Helen for Acupuncture at the Hatfield Practice !

“Looking online is easy for the young but many elderly simply don’t have this resource”. Ian Norman

Handy Self Help Shingle Treatments from the Welwyn and Hatfield Acupuncture Practice.

  • Myrrh tincture: Take internally 1/2 to 1 drops (three times daily) gently apply on the skin to affected area.
  • Any vitamins  that contain zinc and selenium.
  • St. John’s Wort oil: Apply to the skin of affected area (four to five times daily). This is great for pain in many patients.
  • Lemon Balm Tea: Steep one tablespoon dried lemon balm leaves (many people have it in their garden)  in one mug of boiled water for 10-15  minutes. Drain and apply as a warm or cool compress to the affected area depending on preference (three to four times daily). Many plants inhibit viral replication.
  • Wearing cool, loose cotton clothing may stop your skin getting irritated
  • Calamine lotion may soothe itching and pain
  • Cooling the rash, by using an ice pack or taking a cool bath, may help soothe the irritation

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