Acupuncture at The Hatfield Practice…Why Us and Not a Physiotherapist?

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Acupuncture in Hatfield, Herts AL10 0HH

Acupuncture at The Welwyn Garden City &  Hatfield Practice…Why Visit Us?

  • Short Acupuncture  Waiting Lists – NHS waiting times for Acupuncture  can be painfully long and performed by Physio’s.
  • Immediate Convenient Acupuncture Appointments – Day, Late  Evening & Weekends. Our Acupuncturists  work late appointments so you can fit in after work.
  • Our Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Clinical Expertise – Includes joints, disc, nerve and musculo-skeletal pain. It is brilliant for Hay FeverInfertility, Fatigue, Post Illness, Stress, Shingles & Post Viral.
  • Early Acupuncture  Diagnosis and Treatment – Our ability to cross refer between Physio, Osteopath or  Acupuncture means a more rapid recovery.
  • 100% Individual Attention –  Our team always provide professional treatment and guaranteed privacy
  • All  TCM Acupuncture Treatments  Are Bespoke – Optimum treatment times ensures you will get better fast.
  • We Are NOT Physiotherapists That Have Done Short post- graduate Courses – Both Helen and Margella have both achieved Bsc. Hons in acupuncture and spent many hours in post graduate study. Time served experience  is our strength and lies at the heart of great treatment. Treatment is tailored to your personal needs.
  • Male & Female Fertility/ Infertility Issues – We specialise in using progressive  treatment approaches. We are thoughtful and holistic in our approach.

We specialise in using particularly gentle techniques for muscle, joint and nerve pain. Acupuncture will often work after all else has failed. Chinese Acupuncture primarily stimulates the release of endorphins  and serotonin which are amazing naturally produced chemicals, three times more powerful than morphine given in hospitals.


Call us at The Welwyn and Hatfield Acupuncture Practice -01707888229

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