Ian Norman Sports Osteopath Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice, Herts

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Sports Injury at The Welwyn and Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice
Ian Norman being taken for a walk with Woofie


I have been working as a Sports Osteopath since the 1990’s. Im considered a very hands on practitioner and have a solid background in pitch side football /rugby and sports injury treatment. In the past, I have worked at national levels with players, athletes and gymnasts.  I’ve also worked in the commercial environments for Vauxhall, The Royal Airforce and Irvin Aerospace covering all aspects of injury and health and safety.

Osteopaths at pitch side are now at clubs like Fulham, Spurs and Man United where we do work we have been very successful and are often used as a ‘’go to’’ resource for second opinions. Our treatment and diagnosis especially with chronic re-occurring injuries common in football (such as hamstring strains) can be very effective.

I am passionate about our Hatfield Osteopathy and Physiotherapy treatments. Helping patients back to health is really why we do what we do. I always  try my hardest for people and always approach treatment in an educating and encouraging way . The art is to treat people from a mind, body and spirit perspective.I really enjoy treating  ”non-resolving” pain conditions. You just have to try harder, concentrate more and learn to think laterally by understanding your patient. The key I feel  is to really listen to people. I specialize in deep muscle work and resolving nerve tensions that physio exercises and steroid injections often don’t resolve.

I try to use empowering approaches and always try to tackle pain  problems in a positive way and often go the extra mile in order to exceed my patients’ expectations.

When you visit the Hatfield Practice the first thing you will notice is a genuine friendly smile. We do our best to be professional, yet caring and personal. Most of our patients are referred by their GP, friends or specialist on recommendation. Most of you will feel improvement after your first visit or two.

You can contact Ian Norman on 01707 888229

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