Sports Injuries and Golf

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Golf Injury Article at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Golf Injury Article at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Golf has traditionally been perceived as a relatively gentle game in which  bio-mechanical (Physical) aspects are not particularly demanding. Perhaps from a less informed perspective, success in golf is seen to be more about the technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game.

However injury is a common feature of recreational and competitive golf.  Studies have shown that playing golf is the main contributing factor to injury in 62% of those who play, with injuries to the back ,neck and knee the most commonly cited.

Although not obvious to the untrained  ‘naked eye’ many parts of the body move at high velocity through extreme ranges of motion. The magnitude and complexity of these movements has lead a number of sports bio-mechanist’s to suggest that the golf swing is one of the most demanding sporting manoeuvres to execute.

Mastering this sequence of events requires dedicated practice, to an extent where this ‘biomechanically demanding sequence’ may be repeated several hundred times a day. If you train faster than your body can repair it will start to stress the body. We have developed a number of treatments and exercise plans that will assist “speed up” your bodies ability to repair. Best done before the injury happens so you are not starting from a point of injury. Although most golfers come to us first on advice from their pro or friend. Age no problem we can help your body function at its best. We treat golfers from any age, ability and background. All you need is a willingness to improve and a little will power.

Recent data from the Professional Golf Association reports an average of “two injuries per player, per year, with half of these injuries limiting the ability to play for an average of five weeks”

It is understood that swing mechanics are central to injury susceptibility. This means the less efficient, less effective swing mechanics demonstrated by recreational golfers will only increase injury susceptibility.


The solution- injury prevention and sport specific rehabilitation

The golf and sports injury service at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice  extends beyond a ‘rehabilitative clinic’ to one that includes effective musculo -skeletal ( functional golfing movements that improve performance and reduce risk of injuries) profiling/injury prevention protocols and golf specific physical conditioning and rehabilitation.

Our team of Osteopaths and Physiotherapists will work closely with the golf professionals at Mill Green Golf Club to ensure that your on course performance is optimised.

Drop in or call 01707 888 229 for further details



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