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Over-the-counter painkillers ‘can cause addiction within three days’


What about pain killers ?

 Cheaper than Physio ?

Easy to take  and proven right ?  

Brilliant short term option?

Directions on the box?

Easy DIY how to  guide who needs help – BUT what about  the side effects?

Pills to cure all ills

Tablets which contain codeine, include brand names such as Nurofen Plus and   Solpadeine Plus. They are sold without prescription and are used  every day by tens of thousands of people to ease headaches, back problems and pain.

Official figures show that tens of thousands of people have become dependent   on the drugs, many accidentally, with women more likely to develop a habit.

Reality suggests the opposite  ”stronger the medicine” the “stronger” and more miserable the side effects. Painkillers don’t “cure”  they pain they block physiological pathways thereby reducing inflammation. Importantly a box of Ibuprofen  wont give you day to day advice, encourage you set goals or watch you while your recover. Are they then a good short term option.

 Official estimates   state that 32,000 people are addicted to the painkillers but the MPs said   that this was just the “tip of the iceberg”.

Over time some  pain killers  cause mental confusion, poor performance ( at work or driving! ) , gastro – intestinal inflammation, heart problems, kidney failure etc.       Many have been withdrawn due to the  adverse effects on  heart muscles.  

Many pharmacological products are clinically tested in isolation, in controlled conditions with no stress or any other tablets being taken in consideration. In reality drugs are often taken by patients together with other medication. There are huge addiction problems. More recently the singer Michael Jackson,.  

Long term effects of pain killers are quite well documented. Combined this with poor lifestyle habits  painkillers may not be the best option long term for treatment of injuries especially if they are ongoing. Importantly they don’t educate people like physios and Osteopaths do. Acupuncture may be as effective as steroids for tendon injuries and the only side effect is a little more time and money. Analgesics  may well encourage pain sufferers into more serious organ problems.

If your condition is complex, non resolving or if your in a great deal of pain – perhaps we can help. We   involve other specialist practitioners  with your treatment on the same day often during the same session. We also have a mobile Physio faster  service that will visit you at home or office. 

See also  Acupuncture at The Welwyn Garden City & Hatfield Practice ? Why Visit Us ??

 “Our success in treating difficult conditions is one of the characteristics that defines us”   

Good luck  

Ian Norman Osteopath and Practice Director.  

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