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The Benefits of Meditation

Karma is choosing freely

The benefits of Meditation go far beyond any from of endeavor where the “self” is being improved upon for in Meditation the concept of the self as a separate “thing” to the rest of Existence is transcended. It is not that in living a Meditative life we do not do, or have anything. We do things and have things, the material world goes on, but slowly through the practice of Meditation we are able to create a personal reality where we are “living in the material world, while being firmly rooted in our Spiritual source.”

We are able to look at life as a process of giving, sharing and maintaining and caring for all of Existence. And when the cycle of things, situations, people and relationships naturally concludes, we are able to ‘let go’ without suffering. Thus eventually with a sustained Spiritual Practice, we are able to transcend all Emotional states and Reactions and are able to ‘Walk the middle path’ and ‘ Live in the Circle of Love’ at all times, happily Responding to life’s challenges with Love and Truth.

  • To purify the mind and prevent it from usurping its correct function
  • To prevent its destructive wandering activities and to create inner-peace and tranquility
  • To become centered and increase ones ability to lovingly respond to life’s challenges.
  • To have a healthy, harmonious, and active Body-Mind-Spirit-Feeling-Continuum, thus having greater intelligence, self and social confidence
  • To eliminate attachment, emotional reactions and thus all suffering
  • To realize the Truth that all things are impermanent
  • To be in harmony with ‘All that is’ and to be less likely to attract disasters, accidents, and misfortune
  • To be of benefit to all beings, all life, and all of Existence
  • To live happily in this present lifetime and to age and die gracefully, with dignity and peace

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