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Physiotherapy in Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City


Our physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and Massage therapists  work as a integrated team, encouraged and trained to use our focused triage pain relief system.

We dont just give exercises. we design you a hands on “top end” treatment plan that will speed your recovery from injury or illness.

We have brilliant Communication Support System in place. Full time reception staff, personal practitioner email service. A emergency direct line (mobile) to our director & senior practitioner Ian Norman. Call Ian for advice, emergencies and feedback.   

“Our ability to  refer  between our specialists in a fast and effective way is cost effective and the future”.  

 ”if your condition is complex, non resolving or if your in a great deal of pain” we can  involve other specialist practitioners  with your treatment on the same day often during the same session. We also have a mobile Physio faster  service that will visit you at home or office 

Treatment starts with good working diagnosis ( i.e.  what the problem/ injury is). Its very important that you understand why your in pain and a clear idea of how long before you see any improvement in your condition. Most importantly a good understanding of why the problem happened in the first place . This must backed up with good quality educational advice so that the injury/condition is not repeated  over and over  again as many are.   

Physiotherapyis great for rehabilitation, Pilate’s, whiplash, repetitive strains, muscle imbalance, workstation assessments, exercises and core muscle stability advice. Physiotherapy is science-based and well researched, we are committed to extending, applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence that underpins  its practice and delivery. Our Physiotherapy is  ” hands on”  and not just exercises. This approach has proven very successful and one of the best proven approaches for the treatment of joints, muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments. As well as practising a wide range of  ” hands on “ techniques, our Physiotherapists are also trained in the use of electro – therapy such as     H- wave, ultrasound, laser, interferential and TENS.   

 Osteopathy is simply brilliant for loosening and improving spinal, muscle and joint function. Chronic muscle tensions caused by hours on the computer or by  not stretching and poor diet etc can leave people feeling tired and old. These chronic muscular tensions lead to inelastic fibrotic  muscle states that literally stiffen “strangle” our bodies almost like ivy on a tree. Stiffness in muscles and joints limit limit our range of movement. These changes can make us feel older than we are. The lack of movement affects cartilage nourishment eventually causing inflammation, osteoarthritis  “wear and tear”. Aging is in part  due to poor range of movement,eventually softening cartilage and weakened muscles .   

 Our osteopathy is not just cracks our practitioners  use a specific deep “neuro – muscular massage” which massively  improves blood flow, nerve elasticity and joint range of movement  improving and physical flexibility, function  and eased emotional patterns often “held” in our bodies   

Acupuncture is  simply brilliant for acute pain relief.  Systemic ( Internal organ) problems like, liver heat, kidney stress, digestive conditions such as acid reflux ,IBS, high blood pressure. Importantly  “stress origin” conditions like chronic fatigue, “burnout” are to do with the kidneys producing to much cortisol/ adrenalin. Brilliant for trapped nerve pain, Rsi, shingles, Irritable bowls and both male and female fertility infertility issues are just a few examples of the scope of Traditional Acupuncture.   

Interestingly in China the village acupuncturist would look after the health of locals. Checking on then all from time to time. The reason for this was ( apart from loving his work) he would not get paid if they became unwell and could not work ( brilliant !). Modern medicine often waits for disease to become established before intervention. Odd  really as like many things the more established a condition the harder it is to treat.   


Our “Freedom Massage Treatment” starts with case history taking, full neurological examination, functional testing of muscular performance and joint movement structure and function. Then the treatment typically involves deep soft tissue work along specific nerve pathways. This tends to break reflexes and provides an amazing sense of lightness and freedom of movement. Of course  manipulation of the spine (helping the central control of the whole body), manipulation of peripheral joints and soft-tissue work including reflex- and trigger point therapy and neuro – release techniques to improve the tensions thorough the neuro system which often lead to pulled tissue disc, joint and nerve injuries. Deep neuro – muscular massage is undertaken by Ian Norman.   


What about pain killers ? They cheaper than Physio  and proven right ?   

There is no doubt pain killers are a brilliant short term option. Directions on the box. Easy DIY how to  guide and of course  the side effects. Reality suggests the ”stronger the medicine” the stronger and more miserable the side effects. Painkillers don’t cure the condition they “manage”  the pain. But where is the education and understanding   

Some  pain killers  cause mental confusion, poor performance ( at work or driving! ) , gastro – intestinal inflammation, heart problems, kidney failure etc.       Many have been withdrawn due to the  adverse effects on  heart muscles.   

Many pharmacological products are clinically tested in isolation, in controlled conditions with no stress or any other tablets being taken in consideration.              In reality drugs are often taken by patients together with other meds. There are huge addiction problems. More recently the singer Michael Jackson.   

Long term effects of pain killers are quite well documented. Combined this with poor lifestyle habits  painkillers may not be the best option long term. Most importantly they don’t educate people  and may well encourage pain sufferers into more serious problems.Our unique selling point  is ”if your condition is complex, non resolving or if your in a great deal of pain” we can  involve other specialist practitioners  with your treatment on the same day often during the same session. We also have a mobile Physio faster  service that will visit you at home or office.  

 “Our success in treating difficult conditions is one of the characteristics that defines us”    

Good luck   

Ian Norman Osteopath and Practice Director.   

Welwyn Garden City  & Hatfield Physiotherapy Practice  

Welwyn Garden City Physiotherapy practices.  We have  more than 30 years experience in  pain management, rehabilitation and patient centered care. Our main aim  is that your treatment experience is second to none.   Chartered Physiotherapy, Registered Osteopathy, Licenced Acupuncture (specialist for infertility ) Holistic therapies, Sports Massage.  

Every patient is individually assessed , treated , advised and educated …
6 Ground Lane, Hatfield.Hertfordshire. AL10 0HH
01707 888 229 0r Mobile (Out of hours / Emergency : 075 909 242 66)



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