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Substantial numbers of UK workers risk their health and increase the possibility of developing injuries every day as a result of poor work habits.

A UK wide survey of more than 2000 employees by the CSP5 found that:

• one in four people (25%) regularly work all day without taking a break

• 31% experience physical pain at least once a week

• 46% of workers say their physical pains are due to working in the same position for a long time

• 53% cent of workers said they ‘always or usually’ go to work when they feel physically unwell.

Heavy workloads seem to be largely responsible for these poor work habits:

• half of those who work through their breaks (50%) do so because they have too much work to do

• almost a third (31%) say it is because there are too few staff to cover the workload.

A recent TUC report reveals that across the UK more than 5 million people worked on average in excess of seven hours a week unpaid overtime in 2009 – worth more than £27.4 billion. 9 This type of work culture has a detrimental impact on physical and mental well-being which can drive down an individual’s ability to cope. Performance and productivity can actually decline.

Encouragingly, when the CSP surveyed managers and employers6, 69% of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) said they felt it was important for their staff’s health that they had at least a 30 minute break at lunchtime.

from www.csp.org

About Us

The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice is one of  Hertfordshire’s leading complementary  therapy practices. 

We have a passion for healthcare and have  more than 30 years experience with back pain and musculo skeletal pain management experience that will get you better fast . We Specialise in  patient centered care, your care.  

We Provide Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, Osteopaths, Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Physio, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Infertility Acupuncture ( specialising in fertility), Massage therapist,  Holistic therapies, Deep Massage, Deep tissue sports massage, Injury Sports Massage, Holistic Massage, Deep Soft Tissue Massage,  Lymphatic massage & holistic massage therapies.

Our main aim  is that your treatment experience at the Welwyn & Hatfield Practice  is second to none. We tailor make each treatment to suit you as an individual so you are happy, relaxed and recover fast. 

See also  Ms. Shelley Williams Osteopath and her very handsome son Dewi

A recent audit  of patients in the  HatfieldWelwyn Garden City and St.  Albans area showed that over 90% of our patients showed a considerable improvement in their symptoms after three visits here.

Nearly all of our patients  come to The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice  via recommendation from their family, friends, GP’s or consulting specialist.We pride ourselves in being effective and we  really do care and take time with our patients so they are satisfied and get better quickly.

You will leave our clinic feeling better with a good working diagnosis ( i:e  what the problem is ) an idea of how long it will take before you see an improvement and most importantly a good understanding of why the problem happened in the first place . This is always backed up with good quality educational advice so that the injury is not repeated all over again.

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