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Off sick in Great Britain ?

The cost of Musculo Skeletal Disorders

Illness or injury was responsible for 29.3 million days taken off sick in Great Britain during 2008/09. Nearly a third of this, 9.3 million days, was due to musculoskeletal disorders for which each person affected took an estimated 17.2 days off work on average.1 The Work Foundation estimates this costs society about £7.4 billion a year. 2 Employers also lose as much as £15 billion a year through a “injured” worker who still has not fully recovered but turns up at the workplace , when staff are at work but are not performing to their full potential because they are unwell. 3

Twenty-two per cent of people on Incapacity Benefit /Employment Support Allowance (IB/ESA) have MSDs at a cost of about £1.3 million in benefits alone. More than a third of GP consultations are for MSDs. The Boorman Report 8 found that half of sickness absence among NHS staff was due to MSDs, the direct cost of which is more than £0.5 billion a year.

In addition to these costs, an unknown number of people are on restricted duties at work because they have an MSD, which has a significant impact on their work productivity.

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