Your Happiness Spreads Out Like Sunshine in a Garden

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In todays media  world  we switch on the TV to relax, watch Sky or  read  newspapers. Christmas is a time of joy ?   Why then does the media leave us feeling depressed and  keep telling us  the world ids going to the dogs . Give me  good news sometimes  or i will just turn it all OFF !! We dont just want fluffy bunnies and clouds but some  balance would be blissful. The word The Press has become synonamous with Pressing The joy out of living?

The media “machine”  appears to thrive on fear and negativity.  If it bleeds it leads mentality ”  is a mindset that has become our staple diet of despair and gloom. Realise that they are affecting us deeply  with the constant barrage of  depressing junk .

 NO wonder why credit cards are so successful. People would rather shop, over eat or “do”  anti depressants because its a quick way of feeling better !!

 Why not provide  positive  World News section after the depressing side.  What about the brilliant things people do every moment of every day. Fill news papers with all the good things we do as well  !! Why not  change the News papers to The Daily Wail, The Scum,The Evening Bandit or the The Daily Depress. Any more ideas?

One daily News paper in the UK fills its pages with content about  illnessess we get as we age, arthritis,racism  and disease  … Then follows by using   “science fiction type ” articles about magic pills and surgery that cure ageing. To top that it generates huge revenue  by following with pages of inane adverts selling vitamins, knee wraps or health care  products that get you better again ” overnight”. Health  is more than that.

Imagine if you constantly bombarded your  children  with stories of depression, swine flue, fallen globalmarkets, terrorists, unemployment? 

How would little Johnny  feel ?

Maybe they would  start drinking young ?

Be racist and hate more ?

punch old ladies because they use up resources ?

what do we expect them to be if we fill their heads full of how bad the world is?  

They are the future … lets try to be more positive,  hate less,  forgive a bit more  and help each other. . even if its  just one person and you don’t really want to !

Maybe  today we could all start to feel better, the more love, kindness  you give  the more you have to give. I wouldn’t try this with all of your money as it does not work quite as well !!  But hey certainly you would have something new to concentrate on.

  How can we give  more towards more joy, gratitude and  happiness ? How can we inspire anyone? ourselves ? unless we work towards  manifesting our own individual joy… giving  is soul empowering.  Happiness spreads out like sunshine in a garden. Love more,  try kindness, smile ( face won’t crack and its  or a month. Have technology free evenings . Talk to a friend who has been on your mind.

Here is a short excerpt from the book The Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment

No resistance. This does not mean that you must be physically passive or meekly put up with bad vibrations or rip-offs. This means no resistance in your mind. Be free in your head, act out of love, and do what feels good. There is no action that is always right or wrong: the only true variable is the love with which you act. As you open your awareness, life will improve of itself, you won’t even have to try. It’s a beautiful paradox: the more you open your consciousness, the fewer unpleasant events intrude themselves into your awareness.

Love as much as you can from wherever you are. This line is especially good to recall when you feel frightened, crazy, or have taken some bad dope. Write it on the wall of your room. You may not want to love what you feel or see, you may not be able to convince yourself that you could love it at all. But just decide to love it. Say out loud that you love it, even if you don’t believe it. And say, ”I love myself for hating this.”

Love it the way it is. The way you see the world depends entirely on your own vibration level. When your vibration changes, the whole world will look different. It’s like those days when everyone seems to be smiling at you because you feel happy. The way to raise your vibration level is to feel more love. Start by loving your negative feelings, your own boredom, dullness and despair. It’s hard to believe, but changing the content of your mind does nothing to change your vibration level.

For the purpose of raising your awareness, it is useless to change your ideas, your faith, your behavior, your place of residence, or your companions.

The more loving you are, the more loving the beings within and around you are. On all levels we are mutually dependent on each other. Play a happy tune and happy dancers will join you. In another sense, loving yourself is a willingness to be in the same space with your own creations. How contracted would you become if you try to withdraw from your own ideas?   Loving yourself is not a matter of building your ego. Egotism is proving you are worthwhile after you have sunk into hating yourself. Loving yourself will dissolve your ego: you will feel no need to prove you are superior.

by Thaddeus Golas, 1972

Random acts of kindness are better than the media’s random acts of violence ! REALLY SEE and FEEL the difference you can make . It’s also  not one sided,  we get back what we give in life over the term… expect miracles!!! .  Turn thoughts upside down.  Dont believe the MEDIAS descriptions as facts beyond your own  judgements. Love manifests more love,  kindness more kindness,  hatred manifests more hatred. Holding hot coals of anger burns our hands and hearts.

Our small stores that survive the constant battering from the huge supermarkets because they truly have something special. They give great personal value, often brilliant customer service and products that are socially important to that area.

We are not AWAKE we are  fed on  constant mistruths…. remember Tony Blair ?  lies about war , fear of Swine flue, disease,  Muslims  and death . Now even  2012  ( The end of the World)…. happily expressed through the power controlling media.  A Perfect plan , fear enables governments to manipulate and manage us .

As for money the last depression in America created more millionaires than any other time in English / American history. The 1000 richest people in the world ( 2010) became 30% richer in 2010.  So how are these ” lucky” people  talking to themselves ? Do they think the world is going to the dogs?  I don’t think so

Happy Daize

Ian Norman


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