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Infertility Testimonials at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice

Infertility Treatment at The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice,

I was diagnosed with PCOS 15 years ago and have not had a proper cycle in all this time. I didn’t ovulate at all and had all but given up hope of becoming a mother. My Mum had been having acupuncture with Helen for arthritis and she suggested having a go at trying to stimulate my ovaries into ovulating!After just 3 months of weekly treatments I ovulated for the first time in years- then one month later I ovulated for the second time and shock upon shock actually conceived!!

I am now seeing Helen to induce my baby as I have gone past my due date. Acupuncture has given me my dream of becoming a mother.

Kerry. P – Hatfield

Infertility and IVF

I had had four failed attempts of IVF. Then I read a newspaper article suggesting acupuncture could increase the chances of success with IVF by 50%. As we could only afford one more go I decided I had nothing to lose in trying acupuncture so I looked on the internet for a local acupuncturist who specialised in fertility and found Helen. She put me at ease straight away and after the first assessment and treatment she showed me how to take my basal body temperature. After a few months of treatment and charting, Helen could see why my previous attempts had failed as I had a problem in my follicular phase. With this corrected my husband and I went for our final IVF attempt and which worked!! I have the most beautiful baby and I put it all down to Helen and her needles!!

Sophie. G – W.G.C

Unexplained infertility

We had been trying to conceive for 4 years and after 3 months of acupuncture I’m now 34 weeks pregnant. Acupuncture is great for de stressing you and actually searches for the reasons for infertility. Helen assured me there is always a cause and once that is corrected – watch this space.

Lilia. S – St Albans

My baby was in the wrong position from 34 weeks so I went to see Helen and had Moxa Sticks for 10 days, which my husband did at home for me after just 1 lesson from Helen. On the 5th day the baby turned! I was so happy and it took a big weight off my shoulders!! 

Jane. L – Hatfield

I saw Helen for pre birth acupuncture treatment. I was very sceptical but was very worried about labour so thought I would give it a go. To my surprise it worked and I had my little girl on her due date only a few days after my due date!! The labour was short and no where near as bad as what I had expected! I know that I have to thank Helen for this!! 

Paula. N – St Albans

My partner and I first visited Helen for assistance with conception. Helen treated us both for 6 weeks and then I discovered I was pregnant. Helen continued to treat me throughout my pregnancy for sickness and water retention. After the sessions I had such relief from the symptoms, felt relaxed and sleep so well! Helen also attended the birth of our son and provided pain relief with acupuncture. Throughout the labour she was very calm and reassuring and the treatment helped considerably with the pain from contractions.I would not hesitate to recommend Helen for fertility treatment and support during pregnancy and labour.

Susan S – Hertford

I saw Helen for labour induction once my due date had past. I only had one treatment and went into labour the following day! I couldn’t believe it! It really worked! 

Hannah. B – Essendon

I had an extremely poor morphology count (? 2% good forms!). I visited Helen weekly for 5 and a half months and saw this improve up to 15% good forms. I am thrilled and amazed to say we got pregnant (after so many years of disappointment) and we now have a beautiful boy. I still see Helen on a monthly basis as part of my Chinese medical picture was “cold and phlegm”, I felt so much better with the treatment I continued and hopefully we will have a future addition into the bargain. 

D. Bartrum, Dunstable

I was diagnosed with endometriosis aged 16 and have endured yearly lasering of the endometrium since (I’m 26 now). I started visiting Helen about a year ago for help conceiving. I did my temp chart religiously and after 6 months of treatment and Chinese herbs I went for my routine lasering. The consultant announced I was “clear” of all the endometrium and not only that both my tubes were clear! Amazing! I am now pregnant with TWINS!!!!! 
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