Happiness and Your Soul Connections.

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This is a simply brilliant   way to  manifest love, friends, energy or just bringing someone closer or clearing someone from your mind ( soul space  )
Close your eyes try to go behind your eyes. Next imagine you are  in your own deep space you feel safe and happy.  Imagine that everyone you know or have ever known are there  in giant happy light bubbles !  These are attached to you by  light cords of different thicknesses.
Stay with me…. !!
some of your connections are close …..
some are further away … This probably  depends on how much we think  and feel about them and how strong our emotional or love connections are.

Now if you want someone to come   emotionally closer, first visualise  your heart  imagine that you  can give them some heart  love to the person inside  the light  bubble. Then  pull them closer to you using  the light cord that attaches them to your soul.
If you want them to be emotionally distanced  give then a piece of your heart energy, then  gently release  out more of  your  soul connection cord that’s attached to their bubble. With love let them go further out into space it will only work if you do it with love.  The distance is really  up to you…

If you wish to disconnect from them completely either  due their actions or the pain they are bringing to you right now.  Repeat the process give love your   heart and tell them that you love them but don’t want to be connected right now.  Wish them well with grace. Then cut the light cord  gently and watch them float off  into space happy and with your love and best wishes!!!

They may want to re connect . So you may have to repeat this release technique a few times. The technique  gives you soul space and helps you to re energise , think clearly and re balance emotional space and of course your boundaries !  This is an incredibly powerful manifesting or releasing  technique. Take a little time and don’t worry if you cant do this clearly first. Most of these techniques develop over time in effectiveness.

Take it easy


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