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Dream of the perfect swing ?

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  Golf Improvement Programme

  Dream of the perfect swing ?

  Try Our Brilliant Bespoke programme

  “Effective and Affordable” .Fast Improvements . . . .



 All golfers dream of the perfect swing, unfortunately we often lack the strength and flexibility to achieve this.Physical factors such as stiffness, misaligned spines, weak muscles and poor posture can put  obstacles in your way to achieving your goals and golfing potential. Typically what happens is that these weaknesses cause you body to compensate to adjust for the physical distortions that occur . This inflexibility and weakness will make it almost impossible to improve your swing. The main reason for this is weakened or tight muscles and joints with restricted range of movements. As you improve the stiffer older tissue along the spine begin to be used by your body. Unfortunately this can be the place where most golfers stop improving. Our specific  neuro – muscular massage and tailor made golf exercises will  help these deep spinal muscles to start working again .


The golfing benifits ?


Increased power, smoother swing and more ” natural” stance to name a few.  The good news is that our golfing guru Andrew can help you.


We can assess golfers of all levels we undertaking a comprehensive musculo – skeletal screening and bio-mechanical assessment.This allows us to design a tailor made specific exercise programme for you enabling you to reach your goals

Inefficient or incorrect golf technique can lead to overload and damage your muscles,ligaments and joints.Over time this can lead to chronic or even wear and tear changes in the tissues and the inevitable loss of enjoyment of the game.

Golf improvement programme a  twelve week programme including . . .


  •  a comprehensive musculo – skeletal assessment by Andrew
  • Golf diagnostic and analysis of your unique  existing injury risk  factors
  • A bio-mechanical analysis of posture and golf stance
  • Golf based treatments,  treatment and golf specific  exercise programme.
  • Follow up sessions to keep you motivated, on track and injury free.
  • Analysis as we track your improvements through your tailor made exercise programme
  • Free email or phone support as your progress with your golfing ability
  • Free 30 minutes deep soft tissue massage at our practice on completion of programme
  • Follow up to discuss your new goals and objectives
See also  a cheap -- £10 -- massage from The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice, 6 ground Lane,Hatfield



  •  the perfect  golfing stance why the need?
  •  lower your handicap.
  •  Increase your driving distance. Improve your golf fitness.
  • Long term bio mechanical education
  • professionally taught exercises  and treatment by a golfer



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