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The Welwyn and Hatfield Practice we try to keep our readers a little informed about the numerous benifits of massage and holistic treatments. Some people really don’t like strong massage others love the relief that massage can bring. 

Our Practitioners  tend to work with specific areas when using soft tissue massage, unusually at the Welwyn and Hatfield practice many of our Practitioners work with a type of  bodywork called neuro – muscular massage. 

This tends to work on the connective tissue and lymphatic system thereby encouraging free flowing nerve function. The upside of this is we get your better faster. . . . . . 

  •  increased flexibility,
  •  reduced risk of injury,
  • Faster healing times (our bodies looses congestion faster due to improved blood and lymphatic flow)
  •  less pain after training and competitions
  • Improved performance (we all know that 3cm on each stride adds up and improves times.
  • Increased training intensity / recovery
  • well-being
  • It helps break patterns of tension
  • maximise your athletic potential
Most people who have not had a sports massage at the Welwyn and Hatfield Practice before will start with this. It includes the full body and is a lighter form of neuro muscular deep tissue massage penetrating just the top layer of your muscles.  It is probably the most common form of massage. Its main goal is to aid your relaxation and improve your circulation.
The therapist applies oil to your skin and uses flowing strokes and kneading movements to relieve
tension in your muscles. The treatment incorporates light and deep movements, allowing your
mind and body to unwind through the release of tension from your muscles, also stimulating your
body’s circulatory systems. Long-term benefits can include an overall feeling of well-being and
increased confidence. It may also help to improve your muscle tone and the appearance of your

These forms of massage refer to styles of treatment that employ a variety of Deep Tissue
manipulation techniques to aid injury recovery. These styles get down into the muscles that are
under the top layer of your skin. They tend to be deeper, slower, and more muscle specific. 

They are forms of massage that can help remedy specific acute and chronic conditions such as
frozen shoulder, neck pain, migraine and sciatica. This type of massage is more vigorous and
uses various movement strokes to loosen your muscles. It helps break patterns of tension,
relieves chronic pain, including inflammation-related pain such as tendonitis, and improves range
of motion. 

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Sports Massage therapy is a form of deep soft tissue manipulation that uses several specific
techniques to treat physically active individuals, anyone involved in heavy-duty physical activities
and sport performance who may be more vulnerable to injury because of the stresses placed on
their body by exertion. Sports massage can relieve niggling aches and pains before they develop
into more serious overuse injuries. It can also be great for post event relaxation and recovery,
and help to relieve stress, tension, and fatigue. Sports massage is generally used to provide
rehabilitation from soft tissue injury, to maintain muscular conditioning and joint flexibility for
competition, in order to maximise athletic potential. In addition it eases the effects caused by
severe exercise such as myofascial shortening i.e. restrictions in your body’s contractile (muscle)
and non-contractile supportive (fascia) connective tissues. Therefore it can help keep your body
flexible, aid your performance, and assist you in rehabilitation from injuries. 

Sports massage can be used to help you prepare for physical activity, assist in the prevention of
injuries, and aid in your recovery from physical exertion after competition or training. Although,
as its name implies, Sports massage is a form more geared towards the athlete, it is equally
effective in dealing with the problems caused by heavy work and the stresses of everyday living. 

Commonly known benefits include relaxation, improved circulation and relief of muscle tension.
Fitness enthusiasts/athletes will find that these forms of deep tissue massage help to improve their
flexibility; muscles tend not to be as sore and stiff; it helps in their recovery time, and reduces the
anxiety of athletic competition. 

Conditions, which in general respond well to deep tissue techniques are: muscle pain and
stiffness, strains, sprains, repetitive strain injuries, sore spots and muscle tension. It should be
noted that even though these forms of massage will help certain injuries to heal you should also
seek medical advice, as some injuries may need to be immobilised. Deep Tissue Massage is safe
and effective, and if performed correctly should have few side effects

About Us

The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice is one of  Hertfordshire’s leading complementary  therapy practices. 

We have a passion for healthcare and have  more than 30 years experience with back pain and musculo skeletal pain management experience that will get you better fast . We Specialise in  patient centered care, your care.  

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We Provide Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, Osteopaths, Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Physio, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Infertility Acupuncture ( specialising in fertility), Massage therapist,  Holistic therapies, Deep Massage, Deep tissue sports massage, Injury Sports Massage, Holistic Massage, Deep Soft Tissue Massage,  Lymphatic massage & holistic massage therapies.

Our main aim  is that your treatment experience at the Welwyn & Hatfield Practice  is second to none. We tailor make each treatment to suit you as an individual so you are happy, relaxed and recover fast. 

A recent audit  of patients in the  HatfieldWelwyn Garden City and St.  Albans area showed that over 90% of our patients showed a considerable improvement in their symptoms after three visits here.

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