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Dear Business owner

 The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice is one of  Hertfordshire’s leading complementary therapy practices.  We have  more than 30 years experience in  pain management, rehabilitation, providing  patient  &  staff  care for people of all ages. Our main aim is that   treatment experience at The Welwyn and Hatfield  Practice is second to none.

We provide  Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Tcm Acupuncture and Medical massage mainly to the south Hertfordshire area of England.
We have been working with businesses  for over twenty years and have good first hand  experience. We aim to minimise   problems by ensuring rapid return to work when injuries occur, reducing injury recurrences and ’weeding out’ difficult patients with non resolving symptoms.

All the companies to which we provide our services have been using us for a number of years most are from recommendations.

This reflects:-

Our good quality care with G.P. , occupational health and specialist liaison.

Our commitment to rapid access to treatment ( often within 24 hrs.)

An overall reduction in sick days due to treatment being initiated quickly.

Manhours can be  lost through poor  pain management  of  “debatable severity’s ” we can work with the patient and design a specific program to fast track them back to work or to the best possible specialist. We occasionally  discover that they are able to work as soon as assessment and treatment is offered.

We are very flexible – employees vary from those which only pay the first couple of treatments to those which are happy to pay for longer cover. (We regularly provide updates for Occupational Health review).

Difficult and complex non resolving cases can easily be referred to a senior therapist for case review.

We offer both the option of company sending employers to visit our clinic and/or ‘on-site’ treatment (with a physiotherapist/osteopath/acupuncturist) at your place of work.

We are responsible for the treatment – not the employer who arranges  / suggests the referral
We have good business feedback and are told that we  are very organised and efficient with our treatments, reports and paperwork.

We provide an emergency out of hours service and are often able to see patients within 24  hours of first contact or are happy to work ‘onsite’

We pride ourselves on being professional and effective  we really do care and take time with our patients so that they improve quickly. Patients leave our clinic with a good working diagnosis (i.e. why / what the problem is ? ), an idea of how long until they improve, a good understanding of why the problem is there in the first place topped up with good quality educational advice so that the injury does not happen all over again!

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Every patient is individually assessed, treated, advised and educated. We have been told on occasions that the reason people return to our clinics is because we give good quality individual attention (i.e. that we care about patient outcome).

I would really appreciate it  if you could find a moment to view our web site i know that you probably have many applications but i feel we can offer more than the average clinic .   

Please let us know what you think ? even if its only a few lines of feedback . I am sure I can answer any questions  and i’m always very happy to meet up to discuss The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice and the services we can provide.

Call us on 01707 888229
Kind Regards

Ian Norman
The Welwyn & Hatfield Practice

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